Simplifying the
college admissions process

Bedrock Educational Consultant LLC, established in 2016, is dedicated to guiding high school students towards academic excellence and securing scholarships at prestigious U.S universities. Core to our philosophy are the values of quality and integrity, which are integral in every aspect of our operations, from curriculum design to application guidance.

At Bedrock, we cultivate a community of exceptional, enthusiastic learners, focusing on the complete student’s journey—from academic achievement to career readiness. Our method is effective, our essay counselors are exceptional, and our service is extremely personalised.

Bedrock's ethos is centered on empowering students who face educational hurdles, rather than just propelling top performers to elite schools.

We dedicate ourselves to aiding students who, without our guidance, might struggle to access higher education.

Our success is not measured by prestigious admissions, but by the significant, positive change in our students' lives - what we call the 'delta factor'.

The Delta Factor

Our Philosophy…

Our Success

Bedrock’s Impact on the Students’ Community…


average scholarship package over 4 years


successful rate

100% students who completed their application with us were
admitted to at least one US university with sufficient financial aid.


applications submitted


Hear from our students…

Tran Hoang Anh
Colby College '22

"Fellows and staff are our counselors and pals at the same time, who guide us to find our own values."

Hoang Gia Nam
Oberlin College '27

"Thank you to all members of Bedrock team for helping my child achieve his dream, an incredible result that was beyond our expectation." - Ms. Nga (Parent of Hoang Gia Nam)

Nguyen Duc Hiep
Villanova University '27

"Thank you Bedrock team for supporting me. More than just fulfilling your responsibility, Bedrock displayed great care and enthusiasm throughout the process."

Why Bedrock?

Our personalised approach…

We help you plan and put together an error-free, reflective, complete application.

We use intensive literary instructions to help you craft outstanding essays. Our approach will build your historical, cultural, and philosophical perspectives, which you can keep for life.

We help you reduce your college costs through scholarships and/or financial aid.

We ensure that you target schools in the right range. You will get our honest evaluation of your application as well as your choice of schools.

We get our students ready not just for college but also for the demanding and highly competitive job market.

Our Services

Guidance tailored to your needs….

Comprehensive management of the application process in terms of paperwork and procedures.

Admissions Consulting

Nurture critical thinking and writing skills through reading courses and advanced writing classes.

Essay Training

Optimise student performance and scores on standardized tests.

Test Preparation

Comprehensive career training program and diversity.

Career Coaching

Exchange program and cultural experience in America and Australia.

Cultural Exchange